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I’m Marko Barakoski—a Guelph, Ontario-based artist and woodworker who specializes in functional, yet artful furniture and design. 

I love exhibiting new and creative ways to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society through the re-use and application of high quality, storied materials. After years working on various construction and building projects, I was confounded by the amount of waste that was being produced. This inspired me to start using this waste to create something meaningful. I began crafting sculptures and furniture as a means of redirecting the waste flows towards a better function.

People have a special connection with trees and forests (especially in Canada), something which is encapsulated in the process of putting paper to stump, revealing a unique story from each tree.

VIDEO: watch my printmaking process from salvaged wood


Celebrating and encapsulating
the story of a tree


If you have a tree that’s fallen down, or on its way, and want to celebrate its life—why not make a custom print?
Get in touch with me.



I look at what's available and create accordingly. I try to recognize the beauty and strength of these materials as something to play with and use again. Read about my process


Reading Rings

Each dark ring on a tree represents one year of growth; however, if you examine the shapes and patterns of the rings, you will discover its history. Learn more


Custom Framing

I do all the framing myself—the frames are made from Canadian Ash by suppliers local to Guelph, along with the glass and assembled in my shop. See standard sizes