The sound of waves at a beach is something familiar to anyone who has been near one. They will soon realize that the sound never ceases, and that it will continue long after he or she is gone. 

Continuity—a breaking wave—is what I proposed for this contest. When I found out water would be the theme, I was determined to correlate my sculpture with something iconic, amazing, barreling. What came to be; realized out of used aluminum hydro wiring and recovered maple from a defunct bowling alley, was a pipeline—that classic Hawaiian wave, rumbling and tumbling with its awesome power.    

Place is something that matters more than ever in a globalized, interconnected world. The popular notion in globalization is that it creates a flat world in which everyone devours the same bland products in the same bland settings—a suburban mall. But as some now famous Nordic crime writers have uncovered; the more interconnected the world is, the more people crave a sense of place—the more unique the better. 

Art can be this place outside the flow of time, where our transient perceptions can be made enduring and beautiful. This idea of continuity, it ends just as it begins—a pipeline.