Hello!  I make original end grain relief prints of already felled logs sourced from the Guelph/Waterloo Region area. Simple yet incredibly detailed, the prints find beauty in nature, providing another avenue to exhibit the diversity of the natural world. Especially in Canada, people have a special connection with trees and forests, something which is encapsulated in the process of putting paper to stump, revealing a unique story from each tree.

The prints are limited edition and are printed on a Japanese kozo (mulberry) paper.  I was first inspired to start experimenting with woodcut prints after watching a short documentary on the New York artist Bryan Nash Gill.   After watching the video I was hooked, and after many months of testing methods, inks, papers and styles, I came up with what are now my own relief prints.  I'm sure there are others doing this but I believe that my product best represents the life and look of each tree through remarkable detail and aesthetic style.  These prints are a real representation of the natural beauty that surrounds us, with limited interference on my part.  I like to consider myself the middle man between the art of the work and the customer.  

I also do all the framing myself -   My frames are all made from Canadian Ash and all my suppliers are local to Guelph, ordering the bare custom frames from a supplier in North York along with the glass, foam core and supplies and assemble each frame in my shop.

End Grain Relief Prints

Historical Plaque Reliefs