Material Sourcing

Material, meet Ingenuity

  One of the main aims of mine is to take the positives of recycling one step further.  Instead of the wasteful practice of transporting and breaking down enormous amounts of material only to be regenerated, I look to shortcut these flows by reusing the materials and products in their original or slightly altered state. No added transportation or production costs.  More clean space and fresh air.

  There are already many organisations that offer reused building supplies and architectural salvage.  I'm in the process of teaming with manufacturers, salvage yards and waste management firms to obtain and provide their material waste to designers, architects, or anyone with an idea and an open mind.  We can play a fundamental role by converting this waste into buildings and decorative accents that are beautiful, valuable and innovative.

mainflowsof repurposedmaterials.jpg

  I take this idea earnestly.   We need to go back to placing our waste within a living cycle, in order to create a more appropriate system for surviving on this planet. We can work towards a goal of guaranteeing our future through the changes of our consumption habits and assessing what we throw away. The management of material waste should not be an entity that earns designers accolades and profits; it should form part of our everyday life.

I am in the process of providing accreditation for LEED projects and government rebates and grants.


The most successful way to deal with waste is not to produce it.