Creativity, meet Resourcefulness 

When available, I use salvaged materials to create furniture, decorative accents, interiors and exteriors.  Think of it as a compliment to Ikea;  completely unique, one of a kind pieces that enhance awareness of an elements' prior life.  

From tables and countertops to sheds and picture frames, I look at what's available and create accordingly. I try and recognise the beauty and strength of these materials as something to play with and use again. 

Have a look at what's available and what already completed.  If you have an idea, but don't have the technical acumen (or time) to do it yourself, I also take on projects of all shapes and sizes, working with reputable designers and contractors to get the job done. 

The faster the future becomes the new, the unknown, the more continuity and past we must take with us into the future
— Odo Marquard