Art provides innovative ways of the reuse of materials, elements and products.  Using recycled material to create a sculpture can help foster more conversation and change in the dialogue of making the places in which we live cleaner, safer and wiser.  It can also help retain the cultural and social narrative of the community - a celebration, if you will, of old materials and styles of years gone by.

The presence of artistic pieces establish a sense of identity: something people can attach meaning and memory to.  The pieces themselves can become bearers of personal memories, and as a whole develop a general collective memory, which can serve as the foundation for identity. The sculptures allow for an experience to be shared by its viewers, both past and present.  With age, the materials used will evoke a feeling of survival. Its ability to have survived brings us closer to it, not just as singular materials, but as the summation of a whole. 

Why is it more beneficial for our society to promote art utilizing reused materials over entirely new ones?

In the contemporary pursuit of sustainable development, communities have a lot to gain from repurposing elements and products designated for the waste stream. Circumventing the wasteful process of demolition and reconstruction alone sells the environmental benefits of reuse. Environmental benefits combined with energy savings and the social advantage of repurposing make these pieces an essential component in creating a sustainable society.

If you are a/an:  Municipality, region, developer, manufacturer, organization, or just a lover of purposeful art, have a look at the ways our pieces could work for you:

  • Supports new vision of urban design - Reducing carbon footprintIntroduces the complex fields of sustainability in the public realm

  • Sparks discourse regarding recycled content - changing expectations regarding reclamation 

  • Fosters powerful connection to place

  • Facilitates identification with the community/employees

  • Serves as a continuous, participatory process of social criticism

  • Advances the connection between the patron and their environmental sensibilities

Unless otherwise posted, each sculpture is available to be showcased or purchased.