MAS means more.  And that is what we offer; More character, more uniqueness, and most importantly, more ways to positively affect the places we live and work.

Sometimes people don't have that vision to see waste as something beautiful to embrace.  MAS is here to help. 

Our goal is to design products, buildings and provide strategies to assist with the transition to a sustainable society - empowering local exchange and production as an alternative recycling and waste disposal.  

The issue of the environment has made it to the top of political agendas and become a decisive element in product design and practice.  Sustainable initiatives should be motivated by a genuine commitment to the environment.  We are exploring the fundamental theme to the environmental debate, the reuse of material waste for architectural and design purposes.

We need to go back to placing our waste within a living cycle in order to create a more appropriate system for surviving on this planet.  Mass production, urban expansion and the consumer society have created a bounty of waste on a massive scale.  The solution lies in observing our actions as a whole, becoming aware of what we produce and procuring a cyclical system of reuse.

We can work towards a goal of guaranteeing our future through the changes of our consumption habits and assessing what we throw away.  The management of material waste should not be an imposition that earns designers accolades and profits; it should form part of our everyday life.

Given the scope of ecological threats, it is easy to make too much of reuse and recycling. The root causes of the big problems won't be solved by how many milk bottles are converted into beds. The advantage is the resources that we do exploit could discourage logging and help protect the ecosystem.