After years working on various construction and building projects, I was confounded by the amount of waste that was being produced.  This inspired me to start using this waste to create something meaningful. I began crafting sculptures and furniture as a means of redirecting the waste flows towards a better function.  WhatI offers customers is character, uniqueness, and durability.

My goal is to design products as a means of assisting the transition to a sustainable society - empowering local exchange and production as an alternative recycling and waste disposal.  

 With a degree in Europeans Studies and Art History from the University of Guelph, I have taken the road less travelled, exploring the world, and drawing inspiring from the different countries and cultures .  Along with my work, I spend four months of the year teaching at a boarding school in Switzerland and traveling with my incredibly loving (and sassy) dog, Sooka. Me and my workshop are located outside of Guelph, Ontario in Puslinch.